Reviews and other contextualization

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- 15 min interview about 5th iteration of "Emotional Value Auction," on National Public Radio  (KCUR) in Kansas City, 7/15/22, "Kansas City Auction Way for owners to emotionally let go of things."

- Nicholas Schroeder sifts through the stuff of my third "Emotional Value Auction," held at the Topsham Fair, August 2019, in this article for the Bangor Daily Press.

- Daniel Kany talks trash about my exhibition "Out of Sorts" at SPEEDWELL projects in his review for the Portland Press Herald.

- Bob Keyes' thoughtful dot-connecting article in the Portland Press Herald, Artist Adriane Herman's changing lives, one project at a time.

- 4 minute radio story on The Freeing Throwers by Laura Spencer of Kansas City Public Radio, KCUR.

- video vignette put together by Smith College about a witnessed release event I organized a visiting artist there in October, 2017.

- Nick Schroeder’s review of my solo exhibition Finish Lines at Rose Contemporary, Portland Phoenix.

- In the same sentence as Warhol, Haring and Oldenburg, Slop Art is contextualized here by Anna Brzyski in "Thomas Kinkade: The Artist in the Mall," for bucking historically requisite/fashionable disinterest in the market.

-In a "Critic's Pick" on, Alicia Eler discusses my inlaid burnishing clay panels and other works included in Mount, a group exhibition with Donna Huanca, at Haw Contemporary, curated by Peregrine Honig.

- Robin Flanagan's article about The Print Club of Rochester's exhibition including my Freeing Throw Pillow

- Thoughtful essay here by Laura Mullen’s about my etching A Good Cry.

- Alice Thornton's review of my solo show, Pick Me Up (a few things), in the Kansas City Star

- KCJMCA Curator, Marcus Cain's essay about my exhibition "Pick Me Up (a few things)"

- Susan Tallman's review (pages 15-16) of Sticky Situations portfolio in Art in Print 

- Liberally applying words like "clever," "impressive," and "convincing," Annie Larmon wrote in her review of “I’m Just Sayin'/I Know Right?" that my work " [slips] between humor and scrutiny while unpacking the social narratives and psychological patterns loaded into the uncensored scribbles....In making permanent and visible our private enumerations, Herman teases the attempt to organize and control the constant onslaught of choices, self-criticisms and intentions we all struggle with." (There's even more if you click on it.)

- Ken Greenleaf’s review of “Considerable Thinking" at Whitney Artworks, which included “Sticky Situations,” Portland Phoenix. (He's a little afraid of me.)

- In this essay about Charlotte Street Foundation grant recipients, curator Raechell Smith calls me a "maverick impresario of an intriguing range of artminded endeavors," and even... "a bit of a shape-shifter."

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